About us

Both of us emigrated from different countries.  Helene emigrated from Norway to France, and Karen from South Africa to Belgium.  We had to adapt to new environments and, most importantly, to new mindsets.  It involved learning new languages.

It also meant learning to cope with the reality of the moment:  we know what it feels like to balance many balls in the air simultaneously while trying to establish your own life in a new setting.  It’s not surprising that we have an affinity and understanding with cross-cultural issues.

Before becoming transformational life coaches, we had different careers.  It so happened that we went back to university after a while in our respective new countries to study Psychology, followed by Transformational Coaching at the Animas Centre for Coaching in London.

Sharing the same psychology and coaching background, we coach in different languages (English, French, Dutch and Norwegian).  We followed different dreams and goals when we set out to conquer the world many moons ago. We have had to change and adapt in many ways – most importantly in ourselves – as life impacted on us. 

Your coaching experience with us will undoubtedly benefit from our mixed bag of experiences and backgrounds.

People make us tick.

We believe that life can be meaningful and happy.  We believe that you are entitled to lead such a life.

About us

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