Helene Rees

I am a transformational coach and have been living in Paris, France, since 2005.  I am also Norwegian.

Living in a foreign country, which  I now consider as my second home, has not only helped me to cope and understand cross-cultural issues better, but also to learn new languages.

Before becoming a coach, I studied marketing and management, but realised ten years ago that it was not right for me.  Engaging people beyond marketing is more meaningful to me.  So, I went back to university and obtained my Psychology degree, followed by training as a transformational coach.  I love helping people to reach their goals and to experience the effect of positive change in their lives.  

At the moment, I am also training to become a Pilates teacher – which underpins my belief that physical health and mindfulness contribute to positive wellbeing. 

My motto is:  Dream it, Believe it, Do it!

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Helene Rees

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