How We Work

We do life coaching

Life impacts on all of us.  It can change us, or we want to change it.  Sometimes we know exactly what we want from life and other times we just feel incredibly stuck – and unhappy.  We don’t always know exactly what to do – or how to change.  Whatever life situation you want to change: your thinking about something that holds you back, your job, your relationship, or coping with what your particular circumstances are right now – talk to us.

We work globally

Seeing that most people lead rushed lives, it is not always possible to meet in person.  But that no longer is an issue, as we’re all used to meeting online.  In France and Belgium, we coach in person or online, according to your preference.  Many also prefer online coaching as it takes place in their own comfort zone and is discreet. However we meet with you, it is always confidential.

We do cross-cultural coaching

Irrespective of whether you are trying to find your way in a new environment as an expat or in a new cultural group, new working environment or a very different mindset – we would love to talk and work with you.

Looking forward to meeting you! Reach out to us.

You’ll have many questions about coaching before deciding on your next step. And you want to be sure that you click with us. 

We recommend an average of six sessions of coaching. Each session will be one hour. Achieving your goal and changing your thinking requires time and more than one coaching session.  

Contact us to find out how the coaching sessions with you in particular will be, as well as our rates, will be explained during the free introduction call. 

To book a (free) call, click on the "Reach out to us" bar, select your coach and the time when you would like to talk to one of us.

How We Work

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