‘It’s not who you are that holds you back,

It’s who you think you’re not

Dennis Waitley

Why coaching?

Most of the time, we know what kind of life we want, but not always how to achieve it.  We only know why we want it.

I believe this so strongly, because I know how it feels to be ‘stuck’ in beliefs that don’t serve you anymore, your mindset or your thinking.

What is coaching all about?

This coaching is for you if you want to change your current thinking and change what keeps you stuck to start the life you believe you can have.  It starts with you and it’s all about how you want to feel, where you want to go, how you want to be. Seeing that this is about you, your commitment to the coaching is essential.

Have the confidence to show up with all your vulnerabilities, your fears and everything that keeps you stuck right now.

What else?

It’s about your future – and so we start with where you are right now and move forward from there.  We may visit your past, but we don’t dwell there. It’s about starting positive change and shifts; never negative. It’s about realising your objectives. It’s about being honest with yourself when engaging in the coaching process and being committed to it.

How do you get started?

It starts with reaching out. When working with me it’s important to understand what drives me:  I believe in the good of people (in you), your own unique abilities and this one life we’re given – which can be happy and awesome. Being alongside you in the coaching process you will have my support, belief and trust in you, your abilities, your dreams…

I work with clients across the world, from different backgrounds and with different mindsets. 

How do I go about coaching?

I work on beliefs that keep you stuck: low self-confidence, lack of believe in yourself, Imposter syndrome. In short: getting you to re-connect with the real you and loving yourself for it. Ultimately, I strive to transform whatever keeps you small to standing tall, confident and happy in the life you desire.

As a Transformational Coach, I apply my background in psychology, crisis counselling and coaching, as well as my life experiences.  I may also explain issues neurologically, should this become necessary.

At the start of the process, I often hear comments such as ‘I’m not good enough/qualified enough’; ‘I don’t have it in me’; ‘it’s not meant for someone like me’.

I don’t tell you what choices to make, but I do help you to understand all your challenges so you’ll be better equipped to find the solutions that will work for you.

Coaching implies change – and change happens in shifts.  You may feel uncomfortable at times.  Hang tight then.

Transformation does not necessarily happen in a perfect comfort zone, but we will always be moving forward – to your future and your goals.

You may discover new things about yourself, which will lead to even more discoveries.

Don’t waste time any longer – take charge of your life, move to your ‘awesome’ you and allow me to help you with ‘how’ to get there.

I believe in you!

“I struggled emotionally to determine for myself the kind of job I really wanted, the uncertainty about my future, ticking off all the pros and cons within the limited time available to make fundamental decisions. I tried to solve it all first – considering that I can argue and be self-reflective. However, working with Karen made this easier. Karen was well prepared to guide me on my journey.

Coaching made me stronger: it shifted my thinking to acknowledge the options and realise what I really wanted. I felt far less vulnerable and much more confident to go out and apply for more diverse options.

So here I am in my new job – on a different continent and in many ways, a dream I didn’t think could become true!”

Stefan, Germany