I am Karen and I am a Transformational Coach.

Have you lost your sparkle; your confidence and do you generally think of yourself now as not ‘good enough’; ‘incompetent’, ‘I can’t’, ‘what would others say’?

Is it an effort to get to that happy place where you believe (when no one’s noticing) you belong? That place where you can lead the meaningful life you have been longing for? Or have you just stopped your mind from going there, because ‘it will never be possible for me; I’m not good enough; I don’t have the skills‘?

Are you fed up that those old feelings keep on creeping back just when you need to be confident and assertive?  What is keeping you trapped?

It’s hard to be vulnerable, authentic and to admit that you feel stuck, isn’t it? To feel differently would imply change – from the ‘can’t’ to the ‘yes, this is me’; ‘this feels right’; ‘I’m on my way to my fulfilment’. It’s terrifying to change!

Working with me implies transforming whatever stops you from being the best you can be – into the amazing person you believe who is waiting inside you.

I work with the core issues that keep us stuck:  low self-esteem, no confidence, limited beliefs, Imposter Syndrome, critical self-talk. Once transformation happens there, in many cases the sky can be the limit to making all those goals and dreams a reality.

Get unstuck, move forward and lead your life!

‘I am not what has happened to me

I am what I choose to become’

Carl Jung