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Karen Bateson Change Course Coaching

Self-confidence is about believing in yourself and your abilities; having a positive view of yourself knowing you can face life’s challenges. But it also relates to how and what we think – in the first place of ourselves. It’s this thinking bit that challenges us the most.

Disempowered thinking affects the course of our lives. Changing this, while increasing your confidence is my big motivator for coaching and loving what I do.

However, we can lose our confidence when we are challenged and struggle to move forward.

I believe that changing the way we think impacts not only our behaviour but also all the decisions we make – be that in our work lives, relationships, finances or health. 

Getting my clients in a space of greater confidence is not something that happens overnight by following a ten step plan, for instance. Our pattern of thinking has lived too many lives for that to happen. Changing this is possible and can lead to a meaningful and happy life, as long as you are committed to changing your current thought pattern and habits. It’s always a choice: yours.

I’m driven by helping my clients to feel empowered and confident about themselves so that they can lead fulfilling lives in clarity and happiness

A little bit about me before I started coaching

Many moons ago, I worked in the corporate world in South Africa at the Development Bank of Southern Africa, at the Rural Foundation and at a public affairs consultancy.  

After having emigrated, I worked as a freelance foreign correspondent at the EU (Brussels), did volunteering (in palliative care) and later crisis counselling (suicide).

I completed my coaching training at the ICF-accredited Animas Centre for Coaching in London and am an accredited ACC (ICF) coach. I also have EMCC Global Accreditation.

The thread connecting all the dots in my life up to this point is my love of working with people.  This often happened when their lives were impacted directly or indirectly by economic, political or social issues when I helped to manage or improve these impacts.  It still does.  I have also been affected by most of these issues and had to learn – like most – how to move forward from struggles and hardship.  However, learning the value of changing your thinking – and subsequently how it relates with your emotions, then your behaviour and ultimately with better results or outcomes, can change your life.

I grew up in South Africa, where home for me is on the coast – full of colours, sunshine and the beautiful ocean.  This is where I return to in my mind whenever the European winters become claustrophobic and I’m homesick.  Those who know me will all confirm the one thing I need in my life and care about most (besides my family, friends and our dog), is sunshine!

I work from Belgium – online and in person depending on the wishes of my clients, who are from across the world. 

I’d love to talk to you in English, Dutch or Afrikaans.

I’d love to hear from you if this resonates with you and you would like me to help you moving forward.
A bit about my professional background
  • BA (Political Science)
  • BA Hons (Development Studies)
  • BA Hons (National Strategy)
  • BSc Hons (Psychology) 2:1
  • Animas Centre for Coaching (London)
  • Coaching accreditations: ACC (ICF); EMCC