Many of the issues mentioned here I suffered from myself. I was particularly good at self-sabotaging. Admitting it, first to myself and then to supportive help was very hard. There were many reasons why it developed, but I realised that history was less important than getting it solved – if I wanted the life I desire. I did not want to waste time any longer. Life is too short to waste on any negativities; especially if you can do something about it. I know what it takes. I know what it means to expose your vulnerabilities.

What gets me up and on the go every day is simply: life. I experience it as precious, worthwhile and meaningful. We’re given this one life – which I believe must be happy and awesome. I’ve known hardship in my life – it often leads to not talking about your own suffering, because frankly how will that help or even change anything for you. Do you know this type of hardship? I know what it does to your psyche, eventually your goals and your dreams.

Hardship also taught me that you only turn it around if you take the first step. The step that involves reaching out to start towards where you want to be; where you know you belong.

That moment when you’ve had enough, that you realise something has to change and you really want things to be different, is also the moment that you are reaching out to new possibilities, meaningfulness, a new you …. your mojo. It’s when you realise you really need to let go of whatever is holding you back: thought processes, relationships, a life pattern that is not getting you the results you believe you should have….

I emigrated from South Africa to Belgium and found that my adaptation to a different mindset was harder than I originally had expected. It also meant learning and adapting to new languages and customs. It rattled me in many ways and I felt very vulnerable without my own support system of loving friends and family back home, while finding my way and creating my own happiness and fulfilment in a different setting. It happens to many people globally today, and not everyone takes to it like a duck to water.

I studied Political Science with Honours degrees in Development Studies and National Strategy, followed by a BSc Hons. (Psychology). I worked in the corporate world and as a freelance journalist at the EU, did volunteering and crisis counselling. My new experiences changed my perspective and how I wanted to live my life. I also decided to expand into coaching and completed training at the ICF accredited Animas Centre for Coaching in London.

I went through my own transformation cycle and know that whatever life throws at you, you can rise above it and lead a happy and great life!

So, here goes – the choice is yours. What is it going to be?

Are you ready to reach out, spread your wings and get your mojo back?

“Before I started with coaching I was really struggling with my work/life balance and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed. It was also apparent that a life-time of low self-confidence was holding me back and needed to change. I lacked self-confidence in all areas of my work and personal life. My biggest fear was the powerlessness to change.

Karen is always a delight to speak to and is clearly a genuinely caring person, who wants to make a difference to the lives of others.

I convinced my company that they needed to dedicate resource to a new service and now lead the team that provides that very service. I communicate better and my son grows into a well-balanced young man who understands his worth. I understand that perfection is unrealistic and that being hard on myself is a waste of energy.”

Kim, UK