What others say...

I was really struggling with my work/life balance and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed. It was also apparent that a lifetime of low self-confidence was holding me back and needed to change. My biggest fear was the powerlessness to change. Truthfully, I lacked self-confidence in all areas of my work and personal life. Coaching helped me get to where I now lead my own team and I convinced my company that they needed to dedicate resources to a new service. I now lead that team and provide that service. In my home life, I communicate better. Karen is always a delight to speak to and is a genuinely caring person, who wants to make a difference in the lives of others.
United Kingdom
I had indecision about my future direction and was held back by fears, especially a fear of being in a new country and doing ‘something wrong’. Coaching helped me to frame things better. The indecision has changed into something more confident and I’m more in tune with myself. I now have power over the past.
New York City
I felt stuck when I realised my employment contract was coming to an end and I did not know how I wanted to move forward. I felt overwhelmed with all the decisions I had to make regarding my finances and what my employment options were considering my age. I was very uncertain about my future and found it difficult to weigh up all the options. It was emotionally draining for me. I was uncertain about how coaching could help me as I can analyse things for myself and argued that investing in it financially, while having limited time may not actually be useful. However, although the coaching process didn’t lead to finding new employment immediately, it did provide clarity about my situation and how to approach it differently. I could see alternative options, which helped me feel less uncertain and vulnerable. I also got perspective on what I wanted for myself. I can sincerely recommend coaching with Karen and have since returned for more coaching.
Hong Kong
I did not have any self-confidence, especially as a professional. Nothing felt good: being me, how I came across, I doubted myself and missed promising work opportunities due to this. I now have successes, such as a better job, I’m not playing small any longer, I have goals I’m achieving, but most of all – I have changed how I view myself. I’m kinder to myself, I trust myself more and focus less on what I do ‘wrong’. My self-confidence has grown and I feel more in flow with myself. I found the coaching process was very accessible – I could bring anything to our sessions and I could reach out to Karen in-between sessions, as well. Her neurological info often helped me very much to understand my thinking. On the whole, I felt heard and valued.
Karen and I recently attended a series of Master Classes covering the ICF Core Competencies. This is where I met Karen and during these classes, I observed her interactions with the course facilitator and with her coaching colleagues. I heard her intelligent curiosity and her thought-provoking interpretations. After these classes, I have had the pleasure of being coached by Karen. She has been able to unlock some of the stories, which I have kept hidden, allowing me to reflect with refreshing and different perspectives. Karen is deeply invested in the growth and development of others, with an unselfish abundant mindset. I highly recommend Karen as a Transformational Coach. She helped me to transform my thinking, my approach and my opinion of myself.
Lance Marshall COMENSA Master Coach CMC
South Africa